In Home Soaping Class!
Create your very own 2.5 lb batch of
Usoapia in the comfort of your own home.
Create it!  Cut it!  Cure it!
Keep it!  Gift it!
Working with your schedule, we bring everything to your home .
In 1 1/2 hours you will learn a little history and science
behind soap making and have some fun!  
All you need to provide is a stove, sink and 5' of counter space.
Don't forget the enthusiasm!
Classes are limited to four active adult participants.
Observers are welcomed...the more the merrier.

$50 per participant

Each participant receives 2.5 lb. of soap, equal to ~8 bars, 1" bars

 Book a class for 4 and save

Save $5 each when four participants book together for one class


Classes are limited to within 45 miles of Newbury, OH