Key West


Cleans, nourish and heal with this palm free bar having a lively lime scent with a subtle spicey undertone from the essenital oil combination of lime, patchoui, litsea cubeba, bay laurel and black pepper.  The inclusion of healing aloe vera, gentle cleaning french green clay, activated charcoal and nettle leaf to provide gentle exfoliation...leaving your skin bright and clean. 


    Alka:  sodium hydroxide

    Liquid:  aloe vera juice

    Butter(s):  deodorized cocoa 

    Oil(s):  olive, coconut, castor

    Asthetics &/or extras:  nettle leaf, activated charcoal

    Essential oil(s):  lime, patchouli, litsea cubeba, bay laurel, black pepper


    Approx. 4.8 ounces

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